Chin & jaw fillers

Achieve an enhanced jawline with dermal fillers

Some people feel they have a disproportionately small chin in relation to the rest of their features. Dermal fillers can be injected into the chin to lengthen it and achieve the perfect proportion. These products can also be used to move the chin forwards or downwards to create the ideal ratio between the nose, lips and chin.

A strong jawline can be the most striking feature of a person’s appearance, and as such, it’s a very desirable feature. But whether it’s due to genetics, a poor lifestyle or the natural ageing process, many people also have a sagging, under formed or weak jawline – and this can greatly affect their confidence. Jaw fillers can be used to stiffen the skin and define the chin and jowl area; they can also improve definition to achieve a facelift effect.

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Chin & jaw fillers

Frequently asked questions

This treatment is beneficial to those who have concerns or complexes about the appearance and shape of their chin or jawline.

Chin and jaw filler treatments create an instant effect, but the results will improve as the product settles and integrates with the facial tissue.

Chin and jawline filler can last from 6 – 24. This can be caused by things such as smoking, fast metabolism, or regular exercise.

Patients can have treatment as and when they see fit, but it’s important to allow adequate time for the treatment to settle before considering another treatment.

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