Cheek fillers

Add shape and definition to your face with cheek fillers

One of the main contributing factors to facial sagging is loss of volume in the mid face and cheek areas. The fat pads and facial tissues that lie under the skin shift south throughout our life span, acting as a weight that pulls the skin down and hollows the upper face.

Using the highest quality range of dermal fillers, we can modify your mid face area to restore lost volume and scaffolding under the skin.

Not only can cheek fillers enhance the mid face, they can have a lifting action on sagging skin towards the lower face. They aid the repositioning of the skin, and shift things back up to where they should be. That’s why our cheek filler treatments are often performed as part of a complete non-surgical facelift.

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Cheek fillers

Frequently asked questions

To enhance the cheeks, we need to use a robust form of facial filler, but one that still looks natural. There are many products that are suitable for use in this area, but we routinely use Juvéderm Voluma, a hyaluronic acid filler that subtly volumises while drawing in moisture.

Results usually last up to 18 months and therefore are not permanent. This means the look can be amended and altered over time to suit your preferences.

Patients can have treatment as and when they see fit, but it’s important to allow adequate time for the treatment to settle before considering another treatment.

Cheek filler treatments create an instant effect, but the results will improve as the product settles and integrates with the facial tissue.

Normal activity can resume immediately and make up can be applied after treatment. The area can be massaged firmly to smooth out any water that has been absorbed by the gel.

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