8 point face lift

Brighten your appearance with this non-surgical face lift

The 8 point face lift works by enhancing the face’s natural features, smoothing and tightening the skin, and re-contouring the shape of the face.

The results from the treatment, according to proponents, are impressive: cheekbones are lifted, hollows under the eyes are diminished, lines from the nose-to-mouth are reduced, and patients report a tweak upwards at the corners of mouth. Symmetry, which determines the appeal of a face to another’s eye, is also created or restored. Essentially, this non-surgical facelift treatment is a reversal of the pull of gravity, because if you re-inflate specific points in the face, you get the perception of lift.

The first three points of the face lift are along the cheekbone and under the tear through. Point four is along the nasolabial folds down from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. Point five is under the bottom lip, six and seven are along the jawline, and finally, number eight is at the front of the ear.

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8 point face lift

Frequently asked questions

The 8 point face lift creates an instant effect, but the results will improve as the product settles and integrates with the facial tissue 2 – 3 days after the treatment.

Due to the superiority of the products used, patients can reap the rewards between 15 – 18 months after the treatment.

Some patients may only require one or several elements of the 8 point lift, while others may need the full treatment. We carry out thorough skin assessments and consultations before and after the treatment, so that we can plan treatment accordingly.

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