Nasolabial fold & marionette line fillers

Give your face a fuller appearance and smooth lines away

Dermal fillers injected in and around the nasolabial fold give your face a fuller appearance and smooth away the lines around your nose, lips and mouth. At Smooth Dimensions, we specifically use botulinum toxin around the lip area if you have lines caused by smoking or your mouth appears to be drooping downwards.

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Nasolabial fold & marionette line fillers

Frequently asked questions

You shouldn’t have dermal fillers when you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Although the dermal fillers we use don’t migrate through the body, there are no studies to show the effects on an unborn or feeding child. Medically it is recommended that cosmetic procedures aren’t carried out at this time. You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and inform the practitioner of any medical history.

Nasolabial fold treatments create an instant effect, but the results will improve as the product settles and integrates with the facial tissue.

Results normally last between 6-12 months. Although each person is different, some will find it doesn’t last the full 6 months. This can be caused by things such as smoking, fast metabolism, or regular exercise.

Patients can have treatment as and when they see fit, but it’s important to allow adequate time for the treatment to settle before considering another treatment.

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